Why Aren’t You Using Cloud Surveillance?

How Video Surveillance in the Cloud Works
“The Cloud” has become a top marketing buzzword. The Internet of Things boom has crept into all facets of life making us connected, synced and backed-up to everything from smart TVs, refrigerators, smoke alarms and countless other electronics. While some eagerly update their life so it can all be easily monitored and managed on a cell phone, others aren’t as quick to trust cloud-based applications that lack physical remotes, keys or storage devices.

With the ability to open doors with a swipe of your phone and receive video clips of activity in your home while you’re away, the security and surveillance are included with industries that have made great strides in advancements of how we communicate with devices. For those who are hesitant to relinquish onsite DVRs, archived storage or hard drives, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding Video Surveillance in the Cloud.

1. How does ControlByNet define “True Cloud Surveillance”?

True cloud-based video surveillance, security footage goes directly from the video camera to the cloud to be processed and managed in real-time allowing you to view live video, control camera settings and have assurance that archived video is safely stored.

Cloud safe surveillance doesn’t require a device for video processing and management because those are performed in the cloud.

Other video recording devices, such as DVRs, store locally and then are uploaded to a remote server when convenient and prompted. If someone can walk in and steal a recording device or video bridge and the recorded video wasn’t automatically backed up by an internet connection to remote storage then it isn’t a true cloud system.

2. What if my Internet goes down?

This is the most common question for users of any cloud-based technology. Most Internet providers’ services are connected 99% of the time. However, any Internet outage can be easily overcome with a simple SD card in the security camera providing short-term recording access and storage, with even higher video resolutions and frame rates if desired. It’s a very simple and cheap solution for 100% connected surveillance. Our software provides direct browser access to the SD cards in all Axis cameras making it an easy backup option for your customers.

3. How are the video connections secured?

Axis cameras allow a simple ‘direct-connect’ option to our surveillance software. This option allows us to configure the camera for your account prior to shipping. So, once you open the camera box you are ready to record.

It’s also safe to have a firewall that only allows access from CBN or your company IP addresses. There are other cost-effective ways to secure the video cameras and surveillance software.

4. Prefer having security solutions onsite – why should you switch to cloud-based video surveillance?

ControlByNet has seen many combinations of onsite/offsite security surveillance solutions. Love DVR or don’t have the budget to replace a security system? Remember,  it’s a good option to simultaneously record the most critical cameras offsite. DVR’s can be stolen and it leaves you wishing that there was a failsafe such as front and back door surveillance videos automatically sent and secured in the cloud.

5. Can I check my video surveillance from any device?

Yes, no downloaded app is required. Our software will work on any Internet-connected device such as iPad, iPhone, Andriod phones, tablets and laptops.

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