ip-LookOUT: Cloud-Based Surveillance for Concierge and Guards

Want to watch your own assets? Receive an alert in case of intruders?….all from the Cloud anywhere in the world?

Don’t worry if the storm knocks out power;  operate the software in an instant from anywhere else in the world via the cloud. Add any site regardless of where it is located. Easily connect to our cloud or managed surveillance solution.

ip-LookOUT Guard Station with Surveillance Video from Security CamerasControlByNet’s ip-LookOUT software is being used by multi-site operators and enterprise businesses to keep an eye on facilities.

Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet detailed, “We were once asked to show on a bid how many UPS devices were in operation, where was the generator, what was the recovery time for failure and what was the replication process for a weather emergency.  I sent a single executable application file to the bid requester and asked him to open it.  With that single file he ran an entire guard station for 18 remote sites from his home and never asked another question about recovery.  That person runs a county water authority with remote pump and pay sites, and of course after that chose our Cloud solution.”

The surveillance application is simply operated from anywhere in the world via secure connection to the remote servers, whether fully cloud-based or on a managed server at the customer’s site.  ip-LookOUT 1) allows full viewing of ALL security cameras with sites listed out individually 2) shows all motion events 3) allows playback of the previous 50 recorded surveillance videos 4) allows a guard/concierge to temporarily override security cameras, or an entire property, in case of special events 5) shows the status of all security cameras beside the site listing for quick knowledge of offline or overridden cameras and 6) allows any security camera to be moved via single click to a large display monitor of the user’s choice.  Surveillance video from the security cameras can be accessed, monitored and managed from the cloud -anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Observation Area: Left LCD
  • Listing of Monitored Sites
  • Display of Cameras at Selected Site
  • Live View of Cameras List of Motion Archives
  • Playback Window of Videos
Alert Area: Right LCD
  • Column of Recent Motion Alarms
  • Notes Area to Dismiss or Flag Event
  • Live View of Alerted Camera
  • List of Recent Archived Videos
  • Playback Window of Alert
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