ControlByNet Announces New Detailed Reports for Its Cloud Surveillance

ControlByNet has greatly expanded its reporting capabilities to allow integrators ‘hosting their own cloud’ to monitor every aspect of a cloud server or onsite managed server.  The 20+ reporting functions extend from the camera to the account to the server.  These technical reporting items are often critical in determining client load, and are accessible anywhere, from anytime, simply with the web browser.  There is no remote control software required.

“As the original true cloud solution we wanted to give users more capabilities to fine tune systems,” says ControlByNet CEO Ryan Strange.  “While being a cloud provider and providing cool reports is one aspect of customer desires, we also provide software for the many resellers with IT knowledge to host their own cloud internally – this is becoming more attractive and profitable to some integrators.”

The reports’ modes graphically display output not only from individual devices but also roll up to provide summary data.  Some of the more popular reports:

•           Camera and Viewer Bandwidth

•           Frames Recorded per Hour, per Motion Event, per Motion Alert

•           Bytes of Video Transcoded for Live Viewers and Archive Players

•           Overall CPU Usage, RAM Usage, Disk % Busy

‘Having access to these reports is critical when troubleshooting bad cameras or heavy users.  There are quite a few cloud-claimed providers that are pushing remotely accessible DVR’s or simply uploading video from a DVR to a data center in a ”one size fits all” approach.  Since i-flashback can talk between any server in the world, the solution easily fits with any IT structure – whether true cloud, mix of cloud and managed servers or managed servers with dually recorded cloud cameras for backup. (Even utilizing Axis one-click functionality for ease of use, or any other camera).  It really hits home for any size business or organization,’ explains Strange.

ControlByNet’s multi-site, single-login i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance system provides clear live or archived digital video that is accessible at any time without a separate app; from any mobile device or browser including iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Windows Mobile 24/7.  The access and notification features for live video managed or cloud service ensures it’s running when needed. Additionally, with no DVRs on the cloud solution, the video evidence is safely stored immediately off site, vandals can no longer steal the evidence.

ControlByNet | Video Surveillance in the Cloud

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