What does “cloud” mean in video surveillance market?

The ‘Cloud’ is often confused in terms of representation of it simply meaning where data is stored. While that is a key factor is isn’t solely what determines a real cloud system.   A real cloud system allows for:

  • Decentralization & Sharing of Resources: Multiple systems from anywhere on the Internet can be combined to make an ideal and customized secure solution to fit any size of organization.
  • Centralized & Easy Access: No more having a VPN to access a document or resource. Google Docs, Office 365, Salesforce…..Facebook, LinkedIn; all single point access from any device on the Internet.
  • Minimization / Notification of Downtime: Using cloud resources generally reduce downtime and certainly allows for easy notification of changes in the system. Allowing professionals to handle servers, bandwidth, storage and networking helps to limit issues.
  • Cost: Allowing physical and personnel resources to be shared allows for lower costs to the end user in terms of dedicated physical and support needs which allow the organization to focus on its core business. It also provides a clean monthly cost for budgeting.

ControlByNet CLOUD surveillance solutions offer numerous advantages for communities including:

  • Consistent browser-based interface across all properties, removing the old-style requirements of many DVR’s and allowing access from any browser, tablet or phone.
  • Single Sign-On allows for any location to be accessed from a single point. Executives can view all properties on login, a regional or district manager can view his or her properties and a manager may view his or her community only.
  • Automatic updates to systems which contain feature releases and support for new devices including the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
ControlByNet | Video Surveillance in the Cloud

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