Start Offering Cloud Surveillance To Your Customers

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ControlByNet Offers a Solution to Start Your Video Surveillance Hosting Business

Recurring Revenue
Your Branding
Own the Customer
Lower Support Calls
Single Login-in: Cloud or Managed
Enterprise Guard Station

Why Use Our Hosted Solution?

Features &
‘Box’ Sellers
Avoids Costly
Onsite Appliances/DVR
ControlByNet Avoids Costly Onsite Security Appliances Including DVR X-Circle-01
Video Immediately
Stored Offsite
ControlByNet Immediately Stores Surveillance Videos Offsite in the Cloud X-Circle-01
SD Card Video Access
via Browser
ControlByNet | View cloud-based or SD card stored security videos on the web X-Circle-01
Manage on Any Mobile
Device – No App Required
Green-Check X-Circle-01
Single Login for
Multiple Sites
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1. We don’t sell boxes. ‘Box’ manufacturers let you make your money off the box, and they make their money on the Box.  The surveillance software is usually lagging in features, especially in true mobile or web support. Honeywell, ADT, Pelco, Eagle Eye Networks, as well as many other 80’s Analog companies make money on the Box.  You make money on the Box. Once the Box is sold, there is no more money. It’s an antiquated set-it-and-forget-it model.

2. Recurring Revenue: Today’s security reseller should be focusing on providing a continuing surveillance service to customers to help stay involved in security decisions. Cloud-based surveillance services, and managed servers, provide stable revenue to support customers. Some customers still sell a Box, but will offload key security cameras to the cloud as well which gives the customer peace of mind with secure offsite video.

3. Future-Proofing: Surveillance software changes, improves and adapts.  A box doesn’t. Most new business is replacement of the box. “The box doesn’t support our new phone.” “We never know when the box has been shut off.” A service-based surveillance software solution solves those problems and are a source of recurring revenue.